Stainless Code Selected to Join NVIDIA’s Inception Program for Promising AI Startups

December 5, 2017

PASADENA, California (December 5, 2017)

Stainless Code, developer of real-time advanced video analysis software that leverages computer vision and artificial intelligence, announced today it has been selected to join NVIDIA’s Inception program for promising AI startups. From the NVIDIA Inception website: “Inception nurtures dedicated and exceptional startups who are revolutionizing industries with advances in AI and data science. This virtual accelerator program helps startups during critical stages of product development, prototyping, and deployment. Every startup gets a custom set of ongoing benefits, from hardware grants and marketing support to training with deep learning experts.”

Stainless Code’s unique proprietary, patented technology automatically processes video by training neural networks to identify and extract metadata from the visual content, while simultaneously accessing external data sources describing the content (for example, sports play-by-plays, Twitter and Facebook feeds, robot sensor data logs, or law enforcement reports). The system can then combine the data with the video automatically, providing rich, time-indexed, semantic metadata for the video. “This approach provides a depth and accuracy for video metadata that is not achievable manually,” said Dan Stieglitz, CEO of Stainless Code; “With the explosion of video content that is happening online, some measure of automation is necessary to fully extract the value of the video for publishers and consumers.”

“We look forward to a closer relationship with NVIDIA and the benefits of the Inception program,” Mr. Stieglitz continued, “we rely on NVIDIA technology for our training and our inference workflows, both on premises and in the cloud. Having NVIDIA expertise at our fingertips and being able to discuss our approaches with their experts will accelerate our time to market and allow us to fully optimize our software for their hardware.”

About Stainless Code

Since 2006, Stainless Code has been providing advanced media consulting and technology to top-tier digital media organizations including MLB Advanced Media, Turner Sports and Bloomberg Sports. Stainless Code’s real-time media tagging and management technology is used to rapidly and accurately acquire and process time-indexed metadata for live events. In 2012, Stainless Code was selected as a IBC Innovation Award Finalist along with its technology partners for the development of Turner Sports’ ingest, content management and multi-screen distribution solution. For more information on Stainless Code please visit


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CEO Stainless Code
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