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Featured Products: Acquire, Process and Stream real-time, time-indexed data

Stainless Code’s platform lets you acquire and process real-time, time-indexed data through data feeds or via a customizable logging interface. Data from can be attached to media streams for delivery to first- and second-screen applications. uses Semantic Web technology to capture meaning and allow for real-time intelligent queries of external relevant data, such as news, Tweets, and social media feeds.


Stainless Media Logger

Stainless Media Logger software enables the acquisition and distribution of live, real-time metadata to accompany traditional media streams. metadata streams deliver meaningful machine-understandable descriptions of media content that drive second screen, intelligent advertising and advanced search applications.  

Recent News

Stainless Code is a finalist for an IBC 2012 Innovation Award for its work on Turner Sports Central Feeds Project!

2012 IBC Innovation Awards Shortlisted

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Advanced Media Consulting

Stainless Code helps the most advanced media companies in the world develop their media technology.


  • Media Workflow Design
  • File-based Workflows
  • Custom Software Development
  • System Integration
  • Software Process Development
  • Media Technology Strategy
  • Interactive Media
  • Advertising & Monetization

Featured Clients

  • Turner Broadcasting
  • CBS Interactive
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